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Our Mission

The team at J&T Productions and Marketing, Inc. is dedicated to bringing you premium shows and events with only the best artists and performers from the Philippines. We are here to provide you with a pleasant, enjoyable, and memorable show every time your favorite celebrity and talents come to your town!

Our company was established in 2015. With humble beginnings, the team went from co-producing small shows in Southern California to full on show productions of the hottest and most sought after performers in Philippine showbiz at the international level.

singer performing to a huge crowd

Meet Our Production Team

We proudly present to you the awesome people who work behind and off the stage to bring you the shows, concerts, and events you enjoy the most. With maximum effort, skills, and talent at its work, we are able to bring your favorite artists and celebrities together for a show that’s truly worth remembering.

We introduce you to our team.

List of Team Members coming soon…

If you would like to talk to us in person regarding an event you wish to organize, please set an appointment ahead.